Sunday, 27 December 2009

Sight-seeing of the fittest

After a year and a half at Bangalore, we finally visited the very popular sight-seeing spot - Wayanad. This blog post isnt about the beauty of Wayanad (given that it is in Kerala, God's own country, it sure is gorgeous), its about the rules for sight-seeing. Unlike popular sight seeing spots in India, all places in Wayanad need you to trek to the spot! And mind you, its not some chuttu puttu trek you need to do, each of the treks are atleast 2km long. Infact, at one of the spots, not only did we have to trek, we also had to fight our way up against the people who were returning, since there were several one-way stair-cases! :) Overall it was a fun experience to visit a place where you have to deserve a sight of the natural beauty...

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