Monday, 29 June 2009

Kitchen tips

Almost every blogger worth his/her salt, has a blog that showcases his/her cooking talent. With this entry, my blog is about to become a complete blog! Only, I wont be sharing a recipe, but a fantastic tip, that I bet you have not heard/seen before!!

What do you do when:
- You feel hungry at 10 pm, and realize that you haven't had dinner
- You feel like eating, say, hypothetically, Poha
- You chop up onions, chillis, corriander and soak the poha
- You place the pan on the stove and realize that the gas is OVER!! (ofcourse its over, afterall its been over a year; even if you cook just 4 meals a week, the gas will run out after a year.. Predicting the parameters of the almost-annual change-the-gas-cylinder cycle merits a separate post)

So yes, what do you do now that it is 10.30 pm and it is almost impossible to order anythin, and you dont have any bread at home, no biscuits or other life-saving munchies either, and you are HUNGRY, and hungry for Poha in particular? (I strongly believe in the hungry-for-a-specific-food-item concept, especially since most of my "I am hungry" wails were answered by my mom with a (hatefully tall) glass of milk!)

What you do is, use the roti maker that you got in dahej (which, upon reflection, reflects how much confidence your parents have, not just in your roti-making skills, but also in your ability to predict when to change the gas cylinder)

Yes, for all disbelievers of the roti maker - it works great as a hot plate!
Ofcourse it wastes electricity, and the rotis may never turn out fine after this little experiment, but well, maybe by next year I will have a better solution for this problem.