Monday, 23 July 2007

The Illusionist

Seen a good movie after a long long time.. Burger tells his story with style..
Its got romance, mystery, murder, revenge.. It basically has you hooked right upto the climax..

P.S. - Somehow I like every one of Ed Norton's movies!

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Weekends @ home

The Koregaon Park Barista, has been a favourite with almost every one of my classmates.. Since Pune was at its climatic best this time, the thought of a visit to the KP Barista (set in the lush green lawns of a KP bungalow), followed by a nice loong walk along the Osho lanes, seemed irresistable..
Well, the walk happended first, but the visit to Barista, never really happened.. It seems it was shut down a year back.. :(
But apart from the missing Barista, KP seemed the same, just like it did 12 yrs back! Clean, green, calm and breathtakingly beautiful.. It was a walk to remember :)

P.S. : A weekend spent in Hyd doesnt seem any different from a weekday, but a weekend in Pune seems like a nice little vacation :)

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Dont make solid plans..

.. make secret plans!

Read this somewhere, and in a strange way, made sense.. Made sense that one should surprise the onlookers. A plan thats out there in the open, however challenging it might seem, somehow doesnt evoke the "wow" that the completion of a mediocre, but surprise plan evokes.

So a key ingredient in success, in happiness; in professional and personal life is - an element of pleasant surprise :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Shopping and cooking..

.. for me happen as an atomic unit :D Not because I am a fresh-food freak or anything.. Its just cause I invariably forget to refrigerate the sabjis in the hot-hot-hot city of Hyd..
So if one fine day cooking is on the plate, I need to go shopping for the sabjis, since the previous lot is in the dustbin..
The markets in Hyderabad are quite interesting.. Considering the vastness of my Telugu ignorance, I have to recognize the sabjis without knowing their names.. Well, before you start laughing your heads off at the previous statement, let me tell you - its not so easy to make out the leafy vegetables from each other!! I have yet not found methi, for instance.. I probably need to buy it from Pune - and take it over to the market in hyd in search of 'meri wali methi' :)
And also - find a place where they sell ready-to-make chapatis.. Or maybe even save some from lunch in office ;)