Thursday, 27 August 2009

I recently found out that atleast 6 of my classmates from school are into the films and television - from singer, to model, to channel producer, to asst director to anurag kashyap, to asst director to ekta kapoor, to winner of awards for short films in indian film festivals... Wow! Its so awesome to look at their pictures in news and go - I know this girl!!! And its even more awesome to think how well they have done for themselves :)
I always cribbed about the ICSE English paper format - of a 40 marks essay, 20 marks letter-writing, 10 marks precis writing & 30 marks comprehension. HOW on earth can we write 40 marks worth of an essay, no longer than 2 sides of a fullscape sheet? And WHY?? Well, now atleast I know why - to let the creative geniuses amongst us discover their hidden talent, while the rest of us unimaginative ones, instead, invested our energies in calculating the probability of scoring an 85%+ even with the lousiest score in English :)

Monday, 24 August 2009

On becoming fearless - by Arianna Huffington

I read this book on Pradnya's recommendation. And boy, am I glad I did :)

"Fearlessness is not absence of fear" - so damn true. She talks about not conforming to societal cliche's like being 'nice'. She encourages every woman to be a go-getter, to be aggressive, and ofcourse, to be fearless.

Absolutely loved it!