Thursday, 29 October 2009

I'll call, email is not good enough

Some of my closest friendships' predate the email/chat/Orkut/FB era. With those friends, email communication mostly meant spamming with fwds. And that feeling persists! Dropping them an email (or receiving one from them) seems so unfriendly. Its better to say - hey, couldn't reach your cell on your birthday, hence the delay in wishing you; instead of sending them a very thoughtful happy bday email on time.
But this feeling has to go. What with half of them in US, and half of them married off, I always end up getting the feeling - would I be disturbing him/her at this time of day/night?
After having missed so many birthdays now, heres a mental note - Email is atleast good enough to say - happy bday, will call u soon, and I have not forgotten its your birthday! :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Best flowers shop vs best grocery shop

A colleague of mine asked me today if I knew of a good flowers shop near office. I was stumped. Yeah, I recall one in Indiranagar, but what is its name? When did I last purchase/receive flowers from there? So I look the type who buys/receives flowers, but I don't know of any good flowers shop??
Back in college, I could name good flowers shops near my house (on DP road), near college (on JM road/FC road), and even near random places of interest (MG road, Deccan). But nobody asked me such questions back then - obviously because I didn't look the type who would purchase/receive flowers (read didn't look the type who had a boyfriend). And now, I am married to my special someone - and I don't know of ANY good flowers shops, ANYWHERE in Bangalore!
But hey - ask me about the best deals on grocery near office, I know them!!!

I don't know exactly when this transition happened - from subconsciously keeping track of places of interest to people who 'have-a-life', to keeping track of places of interest to someone who needs to 'get-a-life'. It probably happened sometime when I finally did 'get-a-life'.

And though I miss romanticizing (flowers/chocolates and the like), I'm loving the romance in the regular grocery-shopping-outings.